Second Sunday Talks

Second Sundays at DCHS are an opportunity to showcase topics, past and present, that all have direct relevance to Douglas County, Nebraska. Join us in our exploration of the buildings, people, and events that have shaped the community we live in!

Our Second Sunday talks are one-hour in length and feature a guest speaker or panel discussion followed by a question and answer session. Past topics include the Creighton Family, Nebraska’s role in the Civil War, the Blackstone Hotel, and the Standing Bear v. Crook Trial.

The program typically takes place in the Gross Auditorium (Hill Macaluso Hall) on the College of Saint Mary Campus at 7000 Mercy Road. Second Sunday talks are free to our members and only $5 for non-members. To RSVP to an upcoming talk, please call 402-455-9990, ext. 101 or e-mail

If you are interested in presenting on a local topic for our Second Sunday Talk, contact 402-455-9990 or e-mail

Upcoming Talks 

May 15 at 2:00 p.m.

Gross Auditorium at College of St. Mary


Rebecca White Sullivan, Vice Chairwoman for the Ponca Tribe, will deliver a presentation on Chief Standing Bear the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska. No man should be forced to leave his home, forced on foot to walk hundreds of miles to the unknown, watch disease and famine take the lives of hundreds, and left with nothing but broken promises. Chief Standing Bear had endured enough when his son’s dying wish was to be buried back home; and the great Chief knew what had to be done. As a result of being arrested, Chief Standing Bear proved through law that Native Americans were men with his famous statement in court, “I AM A MAN.” But, what became of Chief Standing Bear’s own Tribe after the trial and would he be Proud of his Ponca People today?

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April 2020 Second Sunday Virtual Talk

Watch our first-ever archived Virtual Second Sunday Talk, “Paul L. Borowiak: How the Discovery of a Uniform Uncovers More than One History.”

When the Uniform Curator of The National Museum of the Marine Corps tells you that you’re holding a uniform that belonged to a remarkable person and is an amazing piece of history, you take notice. Join us as Elizabeth Ladd, Collections Manager at Douglas County Historical Society, takes us on the incredible journey of discovery through the military history of a local World War I hero.