Since the General Crook Museum opened, guests have reconnected with Omaha’s Past. This year, we have proudly sat up a memory tree, so that they public could share their favorite Christmas’ memory. Memories are personal historical narratives that provide a glimpse into the past. By sharing Christmas’ memories with each other, we find a common story of love, faith, and peace. All of which are centered on church, family, and friends. Below are just a few of the many memories that decorate the tree along with the submitter’s hometown.

“Going to the Wisconsin Dells.” – Annalise, Omaha, NE

“Presents from Santa.” – Bella, Omaha, NE

“I love lighting fires, building a train track around my grandma’s Christmas tree, and eating festive foods. Oh, and don’t forget opening PRESENTS!” – Calder, Omaha, NE

“Christmas treats and warm sweaters.” – Chili, Woodbine, IA

“We go look at Christmas lights on houses the weekend before Christmas. We do it in our pajamas and eat snacks and hot cocoa.” – Claire, Omaha, NE

“On Christmas morning, dad would go on the porch and ring sleigh bells to tell us Santa just left.” – Cindy, Dayton, OH

“Christmas at grandma’s church, aunt’s cookies, snow, Christmas lights.” – Connie, Omaha, NE

“When my sons were little, they wanted to go to Disney World. They were given the tickets for Christmas. Their faces were priceless.” – Diana, Norfolk, NE

“I love opening presents at are [sic] grandma’s and grandpa’s house.” – Elle, Omaha, NE

“My favorite yuletide memory is watching the same Christmas movies with my family every year.” – Elle S., Omaha, NE

“Every year, we get the nog out and play Christmas music and decorate our tree as a family.” – Emilee, Lincoln, NE

“My favorite yule time memory right now is coming to the General Crook House!” – Grace, Bellevue, NE

“I don’t have any favorite Christmas memories, but I always like waking up in the morning to presents.” – Isaac, Omaha, NE

“Getting stuck in the elevator.” – Joe, Omaha, NE

“Waking up to presents from Santa.” – Joey, Omaha, NE

“In 1972, my husband made a wooden sink and stove for our two girl, ages two and four years old. We gave them some dishes to go with it. They played with them Christmas morning. It was time to go to grandmas and they decided to just put the dishes in the sink, like mom does.” – Karren, Omaha, NE

“Waking up, we always went to the Christmas Evening programs and went home to meat, fruit, and song.” – Kathy, Omaha, NE

“Finding the pickle for whoever opens presents first.” – Kayla, Lincoln, NE

“Christmas morning we would open gifts. After, as a family, we would spend the day helping at a food shelter serving others. During the evening, we would watch movies. Thankful for everything.” – Liz, Papillion, NE

“Going to grandma Ester’s on Christmas Eve to make perogist galumper ever year.” – Lyndsey, Omaha, NE

“The year my mom signed the Christmas waiver, so Santa would bring me presents. It only happened once.” – Mike, Omaha, NE

“Going to grandma and grandpa’s house on Christmas Eve and trying to fit eleven people in a two bedroom home that had an outhouse so we could open the presents after midnight. Spending quality time together.” – Norma, Edinburg, TX

“Backing and cooking Christmas dinner with my mother Beth. This will be the first Christmas without her. I love you mom.” – Paige, Omaha, NE

“Memories of good food and family were always a part of our celebration. Early memories of going to Aunt Delo’s and Uncle Chuck’s house were always special. Later they were guests at my house.” – Robyn, Omaha, NE

“My favorite memory is going to my grandparents’ house and putting on shows for the adults with all of my cousins. I’m looking forward to more memories with my grandchildren.” – Sandra, Kirksville, MO

“Boating and seeing holiday lights from Old Hickory Lake.” – Sara, Nashville, TN

“Every year on Christmas Eve, the Sunday school program was held at our church, First Lutheran. When we got home, we found Santa had been there already. I, being a sophisticated 8 year old, decided it was the neighbors who came in our absence to put gifts out. Then I found they were out of town. Many years later, in 1981, I mentioned this to my mother. She laughed and said they sent all of us kids to the car while they ‘got their coats on.’ It was a frantic 30 seconds while they sat out our gifts. This did more to prolong my belief in Santa than anything else!” – Sheryl, Omaha, NE

“Biting Uncle Bill.” – Sidney, Kansas City, MO

“Our first Christmas year of talents. Every year on Christmas Eve we have our Christmas talents.” – Sienna, Omaha, NE

“As a child, church and the Christmas Eve program.” – Sue, Lincoln, NE

“I remember when we lived in Wichita and my grandmother and great aunt came for Christmas. We went to church and came home to make eggnog and cookies.” – Susan, Omaha, NE

“The first year we celebrated Festivus.” –  Tim, Omaha, NE

To everyone, thank you for sharing your memories with us. May this Christmas create new, wonderful memories that you treasure for a lifetime!

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