In addition to the holiday decorations on display at the General Crook House, here’s a selection of favorite recipes for you to enjoy yet another aspect of each group’s rich holiday traditions!

American Apple Pie

Tang Yuan

Colombian Cheese Fritters

Czech Christmas Braid

Dresdner Christ Stollen (German Christmas Bread)

Hannukah Latkes

Irish Mince Pie

Irish Mince Pie – Vegetarian

Italian Sicilian Cannoli

Korean Bulgogi

Kwanzaa Mealie Bread

Nepali Momo

Norwegian Creamed Rice with Red Sauce

Polish Chrusciki

Puerto Rican Coquito

Russian Olivier Salad

Scandinavian Apelsinpepparkakor (Nordic Orange and Ginger Cookies)

Sudanese Kahk

Sudanese Tea Biscuits

Ukrainian Cabbage Rolls