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Whether you are researching your genealogy, the history of your house or building, or general Douglas County history, our Archives team can help!
As the research and educational center of the Douglas County Historical Society, the  Archives Center houses materials that detail the history of Omaha and Douglas County, including newspapers, clipping files, books and government records. Though these items are not available for lending, some documents may be copied or scanned for research purposes.

*Please allow four to six weeks to respond to your request, thank you. Starting May 10th, all research requests are temporarily on hold while we install our new exhibit.


Research Service Fees

City Directory Search Request

(1866-1891, 1900-current)

$15.00 USD per one individual, family or business name in five years of a directory

Marriage Record Request

$15.00 USD

Naturalization Records Request

(Douglas County Declarations of Intention, 1867-1964; Petitions for Citizenship, 1881-1936)

$10.00 USD per copy plus additional fees for notarization 


Birth Register
(City of Omaha records 1873-1910; City of South Omaha registers 1895-1905)

$15.00 USD per person requested

Death Register
(City of Omaha records 1873-1907; City of South Omaha registers 1895-1905)

$15.00 USD per person requested

Newspaper Search

$15.00 USD per half hour

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