Heirloom Garden

A place where the blooms never wilt.

Our beautiful Heirloom Garden contains more than 100 different varieties of native heirloom plants. The seeds that these priceless flowers bloom from were carried here on wagon trains or were available by mail order catalog in the 1880s.

Our Heirloom Garden surrounds the premises of the museum, with a walkway to lead you around every corner. On the north side of the house is the luscious Sass Iris bed, which blooms in late spring. On the south side of the museum is where our annual carpet beds grow, strategically planted in a new design every year to create the illusion of an oriental rug. Encircling the annual carpet beds are the perennial heirloom plants, which bloom all spring and summer long.

The Heirloom Garden also serves as the perfect location for an intimate wedding ceremony.

Garden Gallery

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