The DCHS Photograph Collection contains over 30,000 photographic images of Douglas County and Omaha from the early 1860s to the present.
Highlights of the collection include the William Wentworth Collection, the William Henry Jackson Collection, the Millard Collection of Early Omaha Photographs, the Omaha Firefighters Collection and the Benson Historical Society Collection.

Once an order or photo request is made in email or online form, fees will be invoiced and due for the work and product produced. Orders may not be cancelled once the process has begun. It may take up to 3 weeks for an order to be filled and returned to you depending on how many orders are ahead of yours and how difficult your order is to complete.

A RUSH order may be requested, which means your order goes to the front of the line, BUT, this will double all fees – including research and use fees. A RUSH order may be completed in 3 days or a week. For orders to be filled, we must have your full mailing address and phone number. You will be invoiced, and payment must be received before your order is filled.

Many of our photo collections come from generous donors who want to preserve and impart their legacy. If the subject matter of the donation is consistent with our collection policy, we are pleased to accept it. Collections are accepted at the discretion of the registrar. Donations of original prints and negatives ensure against copyright problems and storage issues. Income from reproduction sales supports preservation efforts.

Online Photograph Collection

Photograph Collection Ordering Fees

Photograph Prints                                                   Digital Scans

5 x 7 = $15                                                              72 dpi = $7.50

8 x 10 = $20                                                            100 dpi = $10

11 x 14 = $30                                                          600 dpi = $20

 12 x 18 = $45                                                          1,200 dpi = $50