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Q1: What actor from the 1957 movie Funny Face was from Omaha?

A1: Fred Astaire

Q2: What Nebraskan actor is known for his work in The Godfather?

A2: Marlon Brando

Q3: What street was Theater Row on?

A3: Douglas Street

Q4: What was one theater that featured a pipe organ?

A4: World Theater, Orpheum Theater, Riviera Theater, Paramount Theater, Astro Theater, or Rose Theater

Q5: What is one movie based in Omaha?

A5: Boy’s Town, Union Pacific, Miracle of the Heart: A Boy’s Town Theater

Q6: The Golden Spike was what kind of theater?

A6: A drive-in

Q7: What was a vaudeville theater?

A7: A vaudeville theater showed plays that included comedians, magicians, and novelty acts such as trained animals, dancers, and acrobats

Q8: Who were Noble and George Johnson?

A8: They were founders of the Lincoln Motion Picture Company, the first motion picture company founded by black Americans in Omaha

Q9: Why was film a major hazard for movie theaters?

A9: It was very flammable

Q10: What major war had an impact on the development of movie theaters?

A10: World War II

Q11: “The Golden Spike Days” took place during the premiere of what epic movie that commemorates an integral part of Omaha’s history?

A11: Union Pacific

Q12: When was silent film first shown?

A12: 1895

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