One of the symbols of the New Year’s feast in Russia as well as other Slavic nations is the Olivier salad.  An incredibly simple and at the same time very tasty salad can be quickly prepared for a festive table, which actually explains the popularity of this dish.


1 polish sausage or 1 steak (fully cooked)
5-6 potatoes
6 eggs, boiled
4-5 carrots
4 pickles
1 small bunch dill, parsley and green onions
mayonnaise or sour cream
½ bag frozen green peas
salt to taste


Boil potatoes and carrots in salted water until tender. Once cool, cut them into bite-sized cubes.

Chop the meat, eggs, pickles, dill, and green onions into rough, bite-sized pieces.

Place all the chopped ingredients in a deep bowl. Season with mayonnaise/sour cream, salt to taste, and mix the ingredients.


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