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Second Sunday: How to Study and Learn about the Battle of the Little Big Horn

Turn out to learn about the Battle of the Little Big Horn from 7th Cavalry and Sioux, Cheyenne, and Arapahoe perspectives, but more importantly how to study and learn about the Battle while also learning how to avoid falling into the traps of Battle myths. During Terry’s talk, you’ll also gain an appreciation of many different perspectives of the times and theatre by learning about the tribes and people, business and government interests, and the sweeping, rapid changes that took place while also learning about tactics, conditions, and harsh realities of those times and events that happened along the way to the road to the Battle of the Little Big Horn.

Our presenter for today’s talk is Terry Oswald, Omaha Westerner’s Corral and Little Big Horn Associates Member. Terry has been a student of the Battle of the Little Big Horn since happening upon the Battlefield by chance in 1991. Terry’s studies include visits to nearly every Battlefield and historic fort and site in the north central plains region, study completed through the reading of more than 100 texts on the Battle and publication of nearly 75 summaries and views on the most respected and famous Battle texts.

In addition to being a decidedly hooked, if not obsessed, student of the Battle, Terry also distinguished himself by being the organizer of the historic archive of the construction of the Nebraska State Capitol Building by creating the first plan and systems to organize that collection consisting of fabulous architectural models, renderings, and correspondence generated through the efforts of Architect Bertram Goodhue and many others.   Terry also boasts of having toured the famous Jules Sandoz Ranch with none other than Old Jules’ then 80-plus year-old daughter in 1995 named Flora who drove Terry across the ranch in her old pickup truck, rifle bouncing on the floorboard, sharing family stories and more as they crossed the rolling hills and sandhills prairie…as he visited Mari’s grave after traveling there on one of his iron ponies – a motorcycle which Terry uses oftentimes to visit sites as diverse as the grave of Chief Red Cloud to Devil’s Tower all while imagining what it must have been like to be in the unsettled west alone on a horse.

July 10 at 2:00 p.m.

Gross Auditorium at College of Saint Mary

Free to DCHS members; $5 for non-members

Call 402-455-9990 for reservations or email

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